Dave Alnwick to Entertain at MSSX

Posted by Merseyside Skeptics at 10:23am on April 5th 2019
Photograph of Dave Alnwick

MSSX is our ten-year anniversary party, and no skeptical party would be complete without appropriate entertainment... which is why we are delighted to have master magician and friend of the MSS Dave Alnwick performing at MSSX.

Dave is one of the UK’s most exciting magical talents, with a string of sold-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a tour of Skeptics in the Pub groups and a stellar performance at QED under his belt. Dave performed shows for the Merseyside Skeptics Society in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and is a big supporter of UK skepticism.

At MSSX, Dave will be performing his brand new hour-long show for all ticket-holders – so pick up your ticket today for just £29, and enjoy a whole day of skeptical talks and a fantastic magic show in the evening!