Announcing... Britt Hermes

Posted by Merseyside Skeptics at 9:23am on June 10th 2019
Image of Britt Hermes

There’s just one month to go until MSSX, our ten-year anniversary celebration, and we are looking forward to seeing you all at the Liner Hotel in Liverpool to celebrate with us. Plus, we’re pleased to announce the final speaker who will be joining us for our anniversary party: whistleblower and former naturopath Britt Hermes.

Britt has one of the most inspirational stories in skepticism. Her journey has taken her from first finding the tools to question her naturopathic studies, to becoming a prominent and internationally-recognised critic of the alternative medicine industry. Her website Naturopathic Diaries won the 2016 Ockham Award for Best Skeptical Blog, and in November 2018 she was the joint recipient of the John Maddox Prize for standing up for science. Since September 2017, Britt has been engaged in a defamation lawsuit brought against her by an alternative practitioner whose work Britt has criticised. The case came to a close last week, and Britt announced that the judge favoured her case, against the practitioner.

We are delighted to be able to add Britt to our MSSX line-up, alongside science writer Simon Singh, psychologist Professor Chris French, cell biologist Dr Alice Howarth, prison lawyer Emma McClure, investigative journalist Meirion Jones and the magician Dave Alnwick, plus a lightning-round series of additional short presentations.

The whole event, which will be hosted by our very own Michael Marshall, costs just £29, and some tickets are still available – so pick up your ticket today, and we’ll see you next month!